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My Child Was Bitten by a Dog: Do I Need a Lawyer?

Despite dogs being a part of many people’s families, a dog bite may result in an incredibly dangerous injury--especially to your small child. While most dog owners are careful to train their dogs to be gentle towards children, there are always exceptions in which a dog is particularly aggressive or violent. Children tend to be naturally curious and may not realize a dog is dangerous before it is too late. If your child is the victim of a dog bite, our Tulsa personal injury attorney of The Law Office of Michael R. Green, PLLC, understand you are undoubtedly shaken and unsure of what step to take next.

Depending on the nature and extent of your child’s injuries, legal action can and should be taken for the compensation your family deserves. These expenses include your child’s medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any loss of wages or work while caring for your child. There is no question whether or not you need a Tulsa personal injury lawyer--the answer is an absolute yes. Not only will pursuing legal action keep a record of this particular animal’s history of attacks, but it will also provide protection in preventing future attacks on your child.

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Following a dog bite, it is essential you don’t waste any time before enlisting the services of a legal team who will fight for your child’s rights. Our firm is comprised of Tulsa personal injury lawyers who are aggressive with the opposition and compassionate with you. Allow us to advocate on behalf of you and your family--we won’t back down until we have delivered you the most successful results possible.

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